About o.Moi

Who hides behind?

I am Kristèle Sun, born in Mauritius and naturalised French. Just like Obelix, I fell into the "magic potion" of the beauty world when I was still a toddler as my mother owns a beauty salon in Mauritius, where she spent quite some time.

However, as a teenager, my interests in Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science totally dismissed my wishes to follow my mother's path, until it hit me one day before starting university for IT Studies in England. My parents almost fell off their chair when I announced that I was going to take up Beauty Therapy with a combined honours of Management! Also fully qualified as Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, I became very passionate about the power of essential oils as well as the healing benefits of working on meridians.


I graduated in England but decided to do another year of studies in Montpellier (South of France) in a private school to learn more about Sales and trained by the most renowned luxurious French brands. 

Makeup became a fascination for me and I was taken onboard with the team of makeup artists for the Miss France selection in Monaco. I truly began my international carrier as makeup artist based in Paris with By Terry, followed by International Trainer for Decléor & Carita to finish as International Training Manager at La Colline.


When I decided to resign after that I had moved to London from Paris, my innermost wish was to have my own formulations and more specifically, to develop a balm that would soothe my mild eczema.

I especially wanted products with totally "clean and skin-friendly" active ingredients, which I would totally feel confident to use on myself and my loved ones. My first product launched was the "All-In-One Balm" as I needed a multi-purpose balm from the fact that I still had a hectic lifestyle travelling from one country to another. This is why it is ideal for face, body and hair. 

Because I had first and foremost developed the balm for myself, I chose to have Neroli Essential Oil, however expensive it was. The reason is very simple: Neroli (Orange Blossom) takes me back to my childhood in the beautiful island of Mauritius, where I grew up. I remember clearly my mother giving me a spoonful of Orange Blossom water every single night before bedtime as it would induce a peaceful sleep.

Aromatherapy is at the heart of each formulation with a holistic approach. Each product is inspired by my memories and experiences gleaned during my travels, particularly in regards to scent.

After almost 3 years in Copenhagen, I now live in Aarhus, the second Danish city and Europe Cultural City 2017. Each product is lovingly handcrafted in Denmark on a small scale and in small batches to ensure absolute freshness.

I hope that our products will help improve your skin as much as they have for me. I would also like to thank you, our fabulous customers worldwide, friends and family, for trusting and believing in o.Moi and what I do so passionately.