Allergy Certified Products

allergy certified


AllergyCertfied is the international allergy label. It has been founded because there was a need for exactly that: an international label that consumers all over the world can look for when they want to prevent getting skin allergy.

Skin allergy (or contact dermatitis as your doctor would call it) is one of the most common chronic diseases and whether you live in Denmark, Belgium, England, Singapore or New York, there will be ingredients in your cosmetic products, skincare products, shampoos and detergents that you can have an allergic reaction to.

What is skin allergy?
Skin allergy also called contact dermatitis is an allergy that you can get when you are in direct skin contact with allergens. The allergens can be chemical ingredients such as perfume, formaldehyde and methylisothiazolinone (preservatives) and ppd (hair colour and black henna tattoos).

To be sure to avoid any allergic reactions, you can look for products with the AllergyCertified logo. These products are not allowed to contain any known allergens and a certified toxicologist carefully examines every ingredient before the products are allowed to use the logo.