• Are you intimidated by face oils?

    Sat, Dec 14, 19

        If you are, then I totally understand you. There's this misconception about face oils being oily or leaving a greasy feeling or shine on your skin. This is...

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  • The path to a 100% natural deodorant
    Have you ever tried a cream deodorant?
    The path to a 100% natural deodorant

    Sat, Dec 14, 19

    When you're used to use roll-on or spray deodorants, it might feel weird for you to even think of a cream deodorant that you apply as a .... well a...

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  • Le Baume de Maman by o.Moi
    Why did I develop a balm especially for moms-to-be and mommies?
    Why a balm for mommy?

    Sat, Dec 14, 19

      Not every woman is granted with the easiness to fall pregnant naturally. Sometimes even for unknown reasons, the woman still can't fall pregnant even if she is fit and...

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  • Cherry oil
    Benefits of Cherry Oil
    What do you know about Cherry Oil?

    Sat, Dec 14, 19

      When I develop a formula, I always try to know a plant oil in depth so as to ensure that it brings the properties that I really want to...

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